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November 22, 2017

 * The baseline care plan must be created and implemented within 48 hours of admission

* It must be revised as needed until the comprehensive care plan has been developed

* Once the comprehensive has been developed updates to the baseline care plan are no longer needed

* A written summary of the baseline care plan must be delivered to the resident or resident’s representative by the time of comprehensive care plan completion

* The format and location of the written summary are at the facilities discretion

* The clinical record must contain evidence the summary was done and given to the resident/representative by the time of the comprehensive care plan completion

* A comprehensive care plan may be developed instead of a baseline but all requirements for content and delivery of both baseline and comprehensive must be met

* If the baseline requires revision each time it is revised a written summary must be given to the resident/representative

* Specific content is required for the baseline and the written summary. They are described in the regulatory language of F655

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