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When I attended the very first OANAC meeting, less than one year ago, I went thinking it would be a wonderful organization to start and that I might like to help out a little. When volunteers were needed to be regional representatives, I thought I could help the other representative, just a little.

Well, little did I think that less than a year later, I'd be president of OANAC and be writing an article for the first newsletter. That was the first moment my heart skipped a beat. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I can jabber on and on, but it's been years since I've had to write anything of any real consequence that didn't involve numbers, dates, and MDS coding issues. So, here I am, writing to all of you about OANAC. We have officially become one of the first formal state chapters of AANAC, an organization that I truly believe can make an impact with your help.

MDS, PPS, RUGS, RAPS, SSC, SE1??.. it all adds up to an overflowing bowl of alphabet soup with a language unique and understood only by a MDS team. It has become a new specialty area requiring a wealth of knowledge and the need for continuing education that can boggle the mind. Just when one thinks they have it all down, there comes a barrage of changes - just look back at all the changes that have taken place this past year. Hopefully, with OANAC we can establish local support groups for all those involved in the process, somewhere one can find a person to talk to who faces the same challenges and is asking the same questions. We'd like to be able to provide some answers, help develop the solutions, and become a resource.

Since becoming involved with OANAC I have met a great number of dedicated people who possess a wealth of knowledge. Any one of these people has been more than willing, in fact eager, to share this knowledge and shed light on a sometimes confusing world.

Now comes my pitch: OANAC needs help and interest to make it really work, to make it an organization that is recognized throughout the state, and make an impact on the future of the MDS. OANAC wants to be heard and needs the voices of all persons involved with the MDS and PPS system. The MDS/PPS process is definitely here to stay, will continue to change over the next several years, and now OANAC can add its initials to that bowl of alphabet soup. So, just grab a spoon and join the feast!

To become a member of OANAC CLICK HERE!

Elaine Simpson

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